If you could be any career, what would you be.

A great way to begin this method, is to take you left hand, chakra cleanse the earth, and start fresh.

Again, left hand, cleanse, start fresh, and use rocks and twigs to create a new life.

Can you use the earth to imagine a better future.

In america we have cars, but we also walk, and use the ground to create an image of a better future.

You do not need a pen and a paper.

You can still use the earth and draw with a twig, and provide an image of what you would like to be or who you would like to be.

Can you create a newer image?

Use the twig just to make images and have fun.

You are always exploring and discovering anew.

Going and moving forward.

You are not a prisoner in your shelter or home.

You will be blessed when you provide.

God blesses.

Allah blesses.

It is not cursory for worshiping another religion.

You can worship any religion.

You are human. 

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC


If you are afraid to die,

you expose yourself.

It’s similar to the football captain going back out there and learning the routine.

Again and again.

Again and again and again.


UT knows stats.

Anway, you expose yourself to your fear of death.

This is a phobia.

Death is right.

It is not scary.

Reincarnation is real.

You can speak in psychology, boom.

We discuss.

Imagine death.

What would death feel like to you?

Imagine your death.

Funeral v. crematorium.

People in war don’t even have proper burials, at times.

You may fall into earth.

Most people are claustrophobic so they fear burial grounds - crematorium and funeral ground (coffin), especially if they were tortured in a small space.

They could fall into earth.

Imagine your death.

Get comfortable.

Discuss and discuss and discuss and discuss and discuss until you are comfortable with it, and no longer fear your death.

Until you no longer fear this phobia.

You ground.

Psychologists and counselors constantly work with exposure, until they are no longer phobic or fearful.

I fear nothing, now.

I am a counselor.

I worked and blessed.

If I feared, I stayed, and worked with this phobia or trauma, until it healed.

Heal. Heal. Heal.

Use your time and discuss.

You can’t speak with your husband?

Speak in your head of a better, newer life.

Again, work with the phobia in your mind.

Get better fast.

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC

God and War

Really traumatized women and men can see Allah or God.

Or Hinduism or Buddha, whomever your God.

If they live in trauma, as aforementioned, God may come in.

If a woman cannot receive resources, she is limited as to what she can learn. 

She cannot study an ipad or an apple or a computer or perhaps watch tv.

She may only be able to watch tv.

So she learns the news that way.

Terrorists terrorize to spread awareness.

The women see God too.

These men want to know how they can make money.

How can these men make money?

What are some ways they can make money?

They need water.

If they are self mutilating, they need water.

What is a University of Mumbai, India degree to you?

Is it nothing?

Is a BA or BS nothing?

Is a PhD nothing?

Do these men need better representation here in America?

They got a PhD.

They got an MD degree.

They still can’t provide for their woman?

Now what?

Don’t we need a social worker or a few social workers to travel to India or Iraq or Iran to help these men find careers or a more profitable career?

These women want to leave shelter, but are scared to have bomb go off.

Also, some women may get physically abused if they leave home.

We don’t want women to get abused.

These women see Allah.

They want to get out the door.

They want to feel safe when they get outside.

God protects.

God protects these women.

Torture outside, so they get scared.

We need to stop war.

Provide food and water. 

Their God is with them.

Do they have enough monetary income to purchase any food item.

Perhaps a place close to home?

As an adult, you can leave home.

If you are being beat at home, your home is war.

So leaving your shelter, is essentially just as safe as being inside.

If your husband is physically abusive, you risk your life indoors.

So, why can’t you risk your life outdoors?

These men riot to get noticed.

War is not good.

Speaking is legal. 

Speaking is good.

Writing is legal.

Having a voice and opinion is okay to do, and acceptable.

The men need food and water for wife.

We need love, warmth, affection in these countries.

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC


Middle eastern countries can be impoverished.

Their degrees can be disrespected in America.

They worked just as hard for an MD degree, but they have no respect.

No respect.

How can these men and women arrive in a better land with no money?

They have no money for food and water.

They live in impoverished conditions.

They are in “dirty” homes.

So they go outside the home, and “riot.”

They will terrorize to get attention.

It’s similar to a “riot” except UT has much more controlled conditions without the guns and bombs.

And without the extreme yelling.

Women are afraid to leave the homes because of a bomb.

Hello, not leaving the home is like a bomb.

If I can’t leave the home, I go “crazy.”

I am the person that goes “crazy” if I don’t get to see the sunshine and explore.

These women need to walk out and “enjoy” the street.

These men throw a bomb because they want America to give them “notice” and provide resources.

Perhaps building a fabulous store of food.

Or giving food.

Having people visit them with food.

With resources.



Clean shelter.

They need respect when they leave home.

Women don’t want bodies to be looked at.

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC


Again, if you were traumatized,what age would be acceptable?

Could you be an age that is perfect for you?

Would you feel safe in this age?

What age is that?

What age is safe?

When would you feel safe?

How would you feel safe?

What is safe?

Define and describe safety.

Break safety down.

What do you need to be safe?

How could you feel safe?

Counselors grind for their patients.  Again and again and again, until they get it.

Until they are there.

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC

Sales Speak

If you grieve, take your left hand in the dirt, and wipe away pain.

Go back and forth across the soil.

Start over.

Put on the ground who you would be.

Start over.

Build a new life.

Question God vs. Alien.

Question the earth.

Maybe wonder about planets.

If you are on earth, what would you be?

What would you reincarnate as?

I know reincarnation is real…

Could you reincarnate as anything?

What about a certain age?

Could you come back as a certain age?

How would you do that?

What would you be, and how would you do that?

It’s so common sense.

You need to question Alien Vs. God.

It’s so common sense.

That’s the only way you can be an identity, and get better.

Become better.

You go back and get better constantly.

You train constantly.

Like a coach after getting cut and cut and cut, he finally became a coach.

Like a job employee at a certain industry getting cut and cut and cut, he becomes a recruiter.

Alien vs. God.

Alien vs. God.

If you choose to live on Earth, who would you be?

I would be a painter.

I think.

Perhaps a drawer, an artist.

What puppies would you get?

What age would you reincarnate as?  Could you reincarnate as a certain age, or do you have to start at age zero?

If you had a traumatic youth, reincarnating at a certain age would be better for you.

Could you do this?

Discuss this in your head.

Speak aloud, if you want to get better at speaking.

Do you want to get better at speaking?

Then you need to speak aloud.

Remember to always speak your ideas, if you want to be heard.

If you want to speak well, guess what you need to speak.

I sell well.  I sell.

I write well. I write.

I read well, I read.

I counsel well, I counsel.

I speak sales.

Sales speak…..

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC


People in wheelchairs need to be in prosthetics - for mobility issues.

They need prosthetics.

We need to get this over to Obama, (a lobbyist can simply draw on a sign to raise awareness), and we need funding for prosthetics, cheaper prosthetics without insurance or with insurance…

Prosthetics save lives.

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC


A lot of people are afraid to die.

There are different kinds of death.

All you have to do when you die is follow the light.

If you don’t believe in the afterlife, I can imagine you can be afraid of death.

Pray to God or any God.

You don’t have to be Catholic or Hindu or Buddhist.

You can research many different religions.

You can have fun with this project.

Fate is predetermined as well.

So, if you are thinking of being a marine, just remember to pray to God, and that your fate is predetermined.

Schizophrenia can be a form of praying.

Jana Skloss, MA, LPCI, NCC